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Mortgage Protection Insurance


For most of us, our home is the largest purchase that we ever make in our lifetime. A home mortgage allows us to achieve this dream and provides us with a space where we create countless memories with our families. However, without adequate financial planning, repaying the home mortgage can easily turn into an ordeal for you and your family. A Mortgage Protection Insurance plan covers your mortgage if you lose your job due to permanent disability or death.

What will happen to your family if you lose your job, become disabled or die? Who will pay the remaining mortgage? Mortgage protection insurance is an excellent way to make sure that the burden of paying the mortgage is not carried by your family. With this plan, you can be rest assured that even if something happens to you in future, your family would still have a place that they can still call home.

Mwanza Financial Group, offers different types of mortgage protection insurance. Contact us to schedule a consultation and know more about our plans.To Schedule An Appoinment Click Here